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About Us

We are a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age. We exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionising all aspects of their business. 


Our expertise across insight, brand building, creative storytelling and real-time distribution enables brands to get fit for the future, no matter where we join them on their digital journey.


To do this requires a unique culture capable of supporting diverse talent. We call our collaborative way of working blending, and it’s central to everything we do – allowing us to take ideas from strategy and concept to launch and evaluation as quickly and effectively as possible.


Whether in a single room or across our global offices, blending lets us cast the right people for the challenge. The perfect blend takes our clients further and faster on their digital journey, delighting customers on the way.


This approach embraces the creative tension between left brain and right brain. We believe that when you combine data and storytelling – you get more powerful results.


All this means is, we’re well-equipped to meet the challenges of marketing to today’s sophisticated audiences. We help companies of all shapes and sizes decide What’s Next ... and then we take them there.


What we do

Great work demands more than making things pretty and shiny. We use data and meaningful insights to really fire up the creative process. We understand that powerful storytelling is the best way to motivate behaviour, and that data and analytics can help us get under the skin of that behaviour. Simply put, we connect data with storytelling. 

To ensure people are at the heart of the brand stories we tell, we’ve organised everything we do for our clients into three main areas:



For us, insight means never relying on assumptions or generalisations. It means understanding how people really interact with content, across the full spectrum of media channels. We use these unique insights to inform our ideas, personalise our messages and reach people at the right moment, in the way that feels most natural. This is when real magic happens.


We believe in blending strategy, creativity, media and technology. Our experts work closely together to solve our clients’ business problems in compelling, innovative ways. We develop big and small ideas that bring brands alive whether they exist as services, stories or campaigns.


Our holistic view of the relationship between owned, earned and paid media means we can create connections that count at every stage of the customer journey. We’re experts at designing for all kinds of digital platforms, harnessing the power of digital media to engage people in unexpected ways – and increase conversations about our clients’ brands.

How we do It

We believe in a down-to-earth, straight-forward, integrated approach to marketing.

We deliver tangible results - by defining and measuring success with you, we make sure you get the best return on your investment (and a big pat on the back!)

We're part of your team - we're passionate about what we do so we choose to make it personal.


Our Approach

'Getting to know you'

Don't worry we won't sing the song! In this first stage we want to hear all about you and what you want. As well as taking an initial brief from you, we make it more personal. It's important for us to get to know the bigger picture and we want to get to know you, your business and your customers inside out. Through this stage we will also learn about your objectives, your team, and understand what success looks like to you.


After we have gathered a holistic picture of your business, we will set to work on your marketing brief. At Black Rock, we know that communication is key, which is why we will keep you engaged as we develop your proposal. We will then walk you through your full marketing proposal.


Our aim is to create a proposal you love. So once we have something you are delighted with, we'll get cracking with delivering it for you. Up front, we'll also agree timescales and check-in points as well as success metrics.


It doesn't stop at delivery - we all love a pat on the back which is why we track results against set targets and also make post-launch recommendations.

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