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Meet the Team

Introducing the Journey Makers

At the inception of our company, our founders decided to call us Black Rock. They weren’t very big fans of rocky tales, but they did admire it for many other reasons.


We’ve have been embarking our successful epic journeys ourselves since our inception. Transformational journeys that brands undertake in the world of e-commerce and seamless digital journeys that excite their customers.


We’re immensely proud that our clients trust us to run commercial solutions that generate huge stream of revenues is sales every year.


Our team comprises of qualified marketers with over 20 years combined marketing experiences spanning all marketing disciplines and budgets


Our experiences spans a variety of sectors in both B2B and B2C space


We embed with us a proven track record of successful campaigns helping our clients win several marketing, sales and industrial awards.


Let’s Go On an Adventure

Whether your brand needs to undertake a transformational e-commerce project or you need to re-think the whole customer experience, we can help.


We’re a global commerce service provider that combines creativity with technical know-how to help brands decide what to do and to make it happen.


Our e-commerce experience and expertise helps us propose creative ideas and means clients can be confident we can deliver them.


Our journeys represent success, adventure and above all profitability and growth. We’re collaborative and technology neutral. We bring peace of mind to every project and get the best out of people and technology.


So, when you undertake a digital or commerce journey of your own, talk to the Journey Makers at Black Rock.


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